Winter Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin

Tips for Dry Skin in Winter

Winter Skin Care Tips for Dry SkinWinter is fast approaching and we all know what it does to our skin. These are the days where the mixture of the cold temperature and dry air outside with the drying heat inside can have a toll not only to your skin but also to your hair, scalp and nails. These conditions will definitely strip away the moisture of your skin and scalp resulting to uncomfortable and sometimes painful, itchy, dry, flaking and cracking of the skin.

Here are tips that can help your skin stay healthy and moisturised all throughout winter.

  • Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise!
    This is the time of the year where over moisturising doesn’t exist. You may have noticed during a warm day like summer that moisturising your skin after you wash is enough but this will not do the trick during winter. Carrying a moisturiser or lotion with you all the time is handy. You can apply lotion or moisturiser every time you feel your skin is dry. Also, you can try using moisturising products with humectants like AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) and glycerine where these substances help keeps moisture in your skin.
  • Hydrate
    Drinking 8 to 10 glasses a day will not only help your skin moisturised but will also keep you healthy. Make sure to constantly hydrate to keep your body healthy and your skin glowing.
  • Avoid hot baths
    Long hot baths and showers can be very tempting during this time of the year. However, hot showers and bath will strip away the moisture of your skin thus having dry, itchy skin and scalp. Make sure to take short and warm baths and use bath products with oatmeal to ease the itch as well as helps moisturise your skin and scalp.
  • Use a humidifier
    Heating systems even space heaters tends to dry out the moisture in the air. Using a humidifier in your home and office will help retain the moisture in the air as well as help your skin moisturised.
  • No to Peels
    When you already have dry skin avoid using products that cause peeling. This strips away the remaining moisture that you have in your skin and will definitely worsen your dry skin. Also, instead of using facial cleanser, toner or astringent that contain alcohol or peeling agents make sure to use alcohol free mild cleansers and toners.
  • Protect your skin
    When you plan to go outside, remember to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Sunscreen is not only used during summer but it’s also helpful during the winter to protect your skin from the sun.

AQI 24 Hour Body Lotion is a highly recommended skin care product for your dry skin during winter. It is a deep nourishing lotion that can moisturise your skin up to 24 hours.

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