What is Nutricosmetics?

The creation of new products to improve and maintain one’s physical appearance is a booming business. Every day there are new innovations in the world of cosmetics.

If you have noticed, there are different types of products available in the market that address each and every kind of skin type or even skin problems. Most of these products are applied externally like, facial creams and serums. But there is also a branch of cosmetics that works best when they are being ingested. These products are called Nutricosmetics.

nutricosmeticsNutricosmetics – based from the term itself, is a combination of nutrition and cosmetic.

A part of skin care that helps in protection and skin rejuvenation. It also has other health benefits like helping increase your metabolism. Nutricosmetics are nutritional supplements which are ingested and are produced in liquid form, pills or capsules.

Many believe that a good skin care starts from the inside. Nutricosmetics is the science of combining different nutrients and antioxidants that would help your skin become more beautiful. Aside from your traditional serums or creams, Nutricosmetics help fight off free radicals from the inside as well as provide your skin with the needed nutrients. In fact, having a great skin care routine as well as eating right will not only give you a healthy skin but as well a long and healthy life.

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