Skin Toners – To use or not to use

Nowadays the use of Skin Toners has become a controversial topic. Should You Use Them?

There are skin experts who advise against using a Skin Toner in your skin care routine and go straight to applying a moisturiser after washing your face. Then there are those who say otherwise. At the same time some users find that their Toner makes their skin dry whilst others find they achieve a fresher skin feeling. Often this depends on if they have selected the right Toner for their skin type.

Toners: To use or not to use, that is the questionThe Right Toner For Your Skin Type

A good Toner will provide amazing results for your skin provided it is well formulated and designed for your skin type and needs. Skin Toners are an additional cleanser that removes dirt and excess oil. They also help balance your skin’s pH level as well as help tighten your pores.

It is important therefore that you ensure that you chose the right toner to suit your skin. Most are recommended to those who have combination and oily skin. They are also recommended for those who use heavy make-up since some of the make-up can’t be removed by simply washing your face.

Therefore use a skin toner as part of your skin care routine, especially if you have oily skin and acne prone skin. The correct Toner with the correct ingredients will make a big difference to your skins health and well being. Try and select a Toner that contains active ingredients that will target your specific needs or skin problem.

An example of a good natural toner for Acne skin is AQI Clarifying Toner.

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