Caring for Your Skin during Pregnancy

How to Care for Your Skin during Pregnancy?

Caring for Your Skin during Pregnancy A woman’s skin goes through a huge change when they become pregnant. This is due to the extra hormonal activity that occurs at this time. Some women go through this time without any problem and they even get what people call “pregnancy glow”, however, some women can experience the opposite. Some women experience acne breakouts, which is the number one skin problem that occurs during pregnancy. Other skin conditions range from bumps, discolorations and rashes. This is all because of the hormonal change in a woman’s body.

To make sure you have that healthy, glowing skin during your pregnancy, here are some helpful tips for taking care of your skin:

Tips on Caring for Your Skin during Pregnancy

  1. Start by Eating Healthy
    Your body needs extra nourishment during the pregnancy period. This does not only keep you healthy but it will also help your skin. Remember that healthy skin starts on the inside. Fresh food and lots of water detoxifies the body. Eat a balanced diet which includes green, leafy vegetables, dairy products which will help you and your baby. If your doctor recommends extra additional nutritional supplement, make sure you heed their advice.
  2. Use Natural and Safe Skin Products
    There are a lot of wonderful skin care products that are chemical free and paraben free nowadays. These products will be the best way to go to make sure that you are using safe products on your skin during your pregnancy. Try to lean towards fragrance-free facial wash to help your skin if you are having acne breakouts. Skincare products with chamomile also help women who have red, itchy skin during pregnancy.
    A great example of an all-natural, fragrance-free facial wash that can help clear acne breakouts is AQI Foaming Facial Wash for Acne Prone Skin.
  3. Moisturise to Reduce Stretch Marks
    A lot of women develop pinkish streaks on their skin which is what we call stretch marks. Although these fade after delivery, you can lessen the sight of the stretch marks during your pregnancy. You can use a good, hydrating mosituriser and apply it daily to your belly to prevent stretch marks. Not only will it keep your body glowing but it will be a good practice to keep your skin properly moisturised.
    AQI Extra Nourishing Hand and Body Cream is an all-natural moisturising cream that helps reduce or prevent stretch marks by effectively hydrating the skin.

These are just some of the simple tips that we have for you to help you achieve that beautiful glow during your pregnancy. Aside from these tips, it is also advisable that you check in with your doctor to make sure that the food, skin care products and vitamins that you are using is safe for you and your little bundle of joy.

If you have stretch marks, you can also read more on our article about stretch marks removal.


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