Beauty Labels What Do They Mean?

Decoding the Cosmetic Label

Have you ever wondered what those icons at the back label of your beauty product means? More often than not we tend to ignore those labels. But it would be helpful to know what these symbols mean, so that you are able to use your beauty or skin care products in the best possible way.

Below are the most common icons that you’ll see in your beauty or skin care products:

Beauty Label What Do They Mean? 1The Period-after-opening-symbol
This is an important icon to know as it indicates the shelf life of your product after you open it. The ‘M’ stands for months and the numbers indicate how many months you can use your product. For example, 12M means 12 months of shelf life after the product is opened.

Beauty Labels What Do They Mean? 2The Recycle Symbol
This is one of the most common symbols that you will see in beauty products and other items as well. This symbol informs people and encourages them to recycle the packaging that the product comes in.

Beauty Labels What Do They Mean? 3The Estimated Sign
The lower case “e” in your beauty products is an estimated sign from the manufacturer which indicates that the amount declared in the packaging is as accurate as possible. So in the event that you have a product that says 50ml, the manufacturer certifies that there is 50 ml in the bottle.

Beauty Labels What Do They Mean? 4Flammable
Another symbol that is commonly used and seen on a lot of packaging, the flame sign indicates that this particular product is flammable.

Beauty Labels What Do They Mean? 5Cruelty Free Bunny
This rabbit is actually a symbol of The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). This sign helps shopper know that the product they are buying are cruelty-free. This symbol is widely used on international and American beauty products.

Beauty Labels What Do They Mean? 6Not Tested on Animals
Another similar sign which has the same meaning as the Cruelty Free Rabbit is the symbol of Choose Cruelty Free (CCF), an independent Australian organization which ensures customers that the products they are buying have not been tested on animals.

Beauty Labels What Do They Mean? 7Green Dot
This is the license symbol of a European network of industry-funded system. The Green Dot participates in recycling the packaging materials of consumer goods. If you spot a Green Dot (as opposed to the usual black & white version), you will know that the manufacturer of this particular product contributes to the cost of recycling and recovering of the packaging.

Beauty Labels What Do They Mean? 8Eco Cert
This is the first organization that created a standard for natural and organic cosmetics. Eco Cert is an independent company that has set up strict requirements to make sure that they meet consumer expectations and encourage stakeholders to have responsible practices. If a manufacturer outside Europe wishes to be certified, their product must be submitted for supervision by one of Eco Cert’s subsidiaries or pass the national regulations.

Beauty Labels What Do They Mean? 9Refer to Insert
This symbol indicates that you should look for a leaflet within the packaging if you want more information.

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