Common Baby Skin Conditions

A baby’s skin is so delicate that it is prone to different skin conditions.

There are numerous factors that can trigger these skin conditions such as different ingredients in baby products and food, pollution from the environment, as well as the clothes that your baby wear.

Common Baby Skin ConditionsOne of the most important functions of our skin is to protect us from different elements in the environment. In this article, we will discuss the most common skin conditions that occur with babies.

– Dermatitis
– Eczema
– Prickly Heat or Miliaria
– Seborrhea or Cradle Cap


• Contact dermatitis is a skin condition that is caused when your skin touches a substance which triggers an irritation. A typical example is when you get a rash from touching poison ivy. For babies, contact dermatitis can be triggered by unwashed clothes and nappies. Some baby products like baby shampoo or baby wash can also trigger contact dermatitis because of some the harsh ingredients used to keep the cost of the product down . It’s not only babies who experience contact dermatitis. Even adults experience this skin condition during their lifetime.


• Eczema in babies is often found on the cheeks, around the forehead and the scalp. It is red, dry patch that can be very itchy. There are multiple things that can cause an outbreak, from cold weather to sweating. As well as, the quality of the clothes especially if it is made of wool. Most of the time, baby products like baby wash and shampoo plays a big part in triggering an eczema breakout. There is no cure for eczema but it is manageable.

Prickly Heat or Miliaria

• Prickly heat looks like tiny red bumps and is very itchy. It is often seen on the neck, face and back of babies. The main cause of prickly heat is humidity and hot weather. Since a baby’s skin is so delicate it can not regulate heat well, this skin condition can be triggered especially if your baby is fully wrapped during a hot and humid day.

Seborrhea or Cradle Cap

• Cradle cap looks like thick yellow or white scales and commonly seen on the scalp, ears, back of the neck and eyelids. It is also known as dandruff for babies. The cause of this skin condition is still unknown but factors like extreme weather can also contribute to this skin condition.

These are just a few skin problems of babies that can occur. Once you’ve noticed something unusual on your baby’s skin it is best practice to consult your pediatrician.

When choosing skincare products to use for your baby it is important to ensure that they are high quality and designed for sensitive skin. As a general guide, if the product is cheap it probably contains ingredients to keep the cost down but that cause irritation.

If you are looking for products that are mild, safe and good for babies delicate skin you should consider AQI Baby products

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