Baby Acne Causes and Treatments

What is Baby Acne and How Do You Treat It?

Baby acne is one of the most common skin conditions that can occur on a newborn or baby.It usually shows up right after birth or a couple of weeks later. It looks similar to teenage acne where you’ll see red or white tiny bumps or pimples with visible reddish skin. Baby acne or sometimes called newborn acne often appears on the forehead, cheeks, or chin and even sometimes on the shoulders or the back of the neck.

What causes baby acne?

Baby Acne Causes and TreatmentsIt is still unknown and unclear what causes baby acne. However, there are thoughts that it is caused by the hormones that the baby got from the mother. These said hormones are transferred during the final weeks of the pregnancy. Sometimes, it can be triggered by a specific medication that the mother is taking while nursing. Also, it can also be caused by a skin care product like a lotion or cream where the delicate pores of the baby gets clogged. Until now, intensive research and studies are conducted to specifically pinpoint what really causes baby acne.

How long does baby acne last and how can you treat it?

Baby acne doesn’t cause discomfort to your baby. It will not be itchy or painful. It usually takes a few weeks for the baby acne to clear up. And it is best to just wait for it to clear up. However, if you are worried, it is still best to consult your baby’s physician. Sometimes doctors prescribe a topical medication especially if the acne is severe.

However, there also some steps that you can do to improve and help your baby’s delicate skin.

1. Wash your baby’s face once a day. Make sure to use a gentle baby soap or baby wash that is made for sensitive skin to not irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. Avoid scrubbing as it can also irritate the skin. Also, avoid rubbing the towel but gently pat to dry.

2. Use oil-free baby lotion or creams to moisturise your baby’s skin. Applying oily lotions to your baby’s delicate skin can just worsen the baby acne.

3. It’s a big No to apply over the counter acne medicines because it can cause skin irritation to your baby’s sensitive skin.

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