What is Acne?

Acne is one of the most common skin problems all over the world.

Most acne appears on the face, neck, shoulders, back and chest. When the pores of your skin get blocked by oil, bacteria and dirt, this can then develop into a pimple. When this occurs regularly, this can then develop into acne. Acne is not really a life-threatening skin condition, but it can be very painful and annoying. Most of the time acne breakouts happen in puberty.

Common traits of acne include:

  • Whiteheads and Blackheads (Comedones). The difference between whiteheads and blackheads is blackheads have dark appearance and are open at the skin surface. While whiteheads are closed. They can be found just under the skin.
  • Papules are small bumps that are red or pink in color and may indicate infection in the hair follicles.
  • Pustules (Pimples) are also small bumps on the skin that has white pus on the tip
  • Nodules are large raised bumps under the skin. They are painful and may have inflamed tissue or fluid.

There are different activities you can do at home to prevent acne. To remove excess oil and dirt on your face, make sure to wash your face twice a day with a gentle face wash. You should also avoid touching your face as well as squeezing or picking your pimples because this will spread the bacteria.

These are just few thingsyou can do. If your acne still persists you can try using natural skin care products that are free from harsh chemicals.

Here are some all-natural skin care products that can help you have a healthy, acne-free skin.

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