Soothing Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is genetic and usually occurs in fair skin.

However skin sensitivity can be triggered from over exposure to harmful chemicals over a period of time. The result will be dryness, flaking and sudden redness in response to using a particular product can. Sensitive skin can be soothed with water based skincare products.

How To Soothe Sensitive SkinMany people are unaware of the precise component of an ingredient that causes their skin to be sensitive or irritated.

Remember that your skin will be more sensitive during hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, menopause and cold weather and whilst under medication.

It is recommend that you should be extra cautious during these periods and patch-testing all products, including those that you use regularly.

It is important to test each product you are using carefully to try and identify which ones are affecting you and stop using them. Also avoid products containing Fragrance and contains harsh chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. These are normally less expensive because of the cheaper ingredients used.

You can find new products to use in your sensitive skincare regimen by being aware of some of the better ingredients to look out for.

The key to soothing sensitive skin is to keep it deeply moisturised with active ingredients that penetrate and protect the skin. Ceramides plays important role in the barrier function of the skin.

The top layer of the skin is the epidermis, and the top layer of the epidermis is the stratum corneum. Even though it is very thin — 10-30 mm or one-tenth the thickness of a piece of paper — it is the main vital barrier of the skin. It keeps chemicals that come in contact with the skin from absorbing into the body, and it keeps water inside the skin from leaching out. Omega-6 Ceramide will help repair and maintain the functionality of the skin’s epidermal lipid moisture barrier.

Ceramides and Skin Disease

People who have eczema have significantly fewer ceramides in their stratum corneum skin barrier.

Replacing Ceramides Improves Eczema

Recent studies have shown that lipids can be assisted with topical preparations. The healing effect of ceramides has been studied in eczema.

Moisturisers with Ceramides are not all the same.

There are several moisturisers that claim to have ceramides in their ingredients, but these are just regular moisturisers unless they also contain cholesterol and essential fatty acids.


Cholesterol is one of the most effective treatments for dry and cracked skin and to restore the skin’s normal function. For many years, scientists have been searching for an effective treatment of dry damaged skin, or cracked heels. But only recently have they identified cholesterol counts and free fatty acid and how their presence heals and protects the skin’s “barrier” layer.

Any part of the body that dry out and crack and split including lips, heels and hands can be helped to heal using cholesterol and fatty acids. It is surprising at how effective and how quickly these ingredients will heal skin ailments.

AQI Extra Nourishing Hand & Body Cream contains Ceramides, Cholesterol and Omega 6 Free Fatty Acids along with 2% Colloidal Oatmeal and 2% Beta Glucan. It is no wonder that this has been described as The Ultimate Moisturising Cream.

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