Shaving Tips for Women with Sensitive Skin

Shaving with Sensitive Skin

Having a sensitive skin is difficult enough to maintain. Shaving with sensitive skin will definitely double the difficulty as shaving can cause skin irritation and inflammation such as razor burns, razor bumps and ingrown hair.

Shaving Tips for Women with Sensitive SkinThere are multiple reasons why your skin reacts every time you shave. These reasons may vary from person to person and knowing what triggers the skin irritation will be the key to a comfortable shaving routine.

  • Ingredients used in your shaving gel or cream
    If you have sensitive skin, you should be aware of what shaving cream or gel to use since you are prone to skin irritation and inflammation. Usual allergens like fragrances, preservatives, D&C dyes and other synthetic ingredients can trigger a breakout. Make sure to be familiar with the ingredients that cause your irritation in order to avoid them when buying your shaving kit.
  • Residue that sets in your razor
    Every time you shave there are bits and pieces of products that you used or even dead skin cells that get stuck between the blades of your razor. If you don’t clean your razor properly, bacteria can grow and spread easily especially during shaving when the skin is prone to irritation.
  • Shaving can lessen the moisture of your skin
    When your skin is already dry, shaving can worsen it thus resulting to itching, skin tightness and redness. Most shaving creams or gels contains an ingredient called SLS (Sodium lauryl sulfate) which is known as a foaming agent and can cause multiple side effects including drying of the skin. Aside from SLS, alcohol found in your shaving kits including aftershave can also contribute by over drying the skin.

Here are some basic shaving tips for your sensitive skin

  • Choose a razor that works well for you. This may take some time as you need to experiment with different razors that are available in the market. You need to consider the pressure you apply when shaving and the amount of hair you have. If the razor works well with your friend, this doesn’t mean it works well with you. Once you found your razor, make sure to change the blades regularly to maintain the quality of your razor thus having a smooth shave.
  • Wet your skin with warm water at least 2 to 3 minutes before shaving. However, avoid soaking as it can expand the skin around the hair follicles thus preventing a good close shave. Wet hair is easier to shave because it’s softer and flexible. Dry shaving can result to razor burns, chaffing and skin irritation.
  • Choose a shaving cream and gel that is made for sensitive skin. Always read the labels before buying shaving products to avoid irritants like alcohol and SLS. Also make sure to get a fragrance free and soap free shaving products to avoid skin irritation.
  • After shaving avoid using exfoliating products like a washcloth and a loofah because your skin is already exfoliated during the shaving process. Too much rubbing or friction on the skin can really cause skin problems and irritation.
  • Always moisturise your skin after shaving as shaving tends to over dry your skin. A moisturised skin will leave your skin smooth and supple thus preventing shaving related skin problems.

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