Do Babies Need Moisturisers?

When To Moisturise Your Baby’s Skin

As you know a baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive since it is not yet fully developed. This means that the protection function of their skin is still not 100% thus making their skin sensitive and prone to skin irritation.

Do Babies Need Moisturisers?Generally speaking, your newborn doesn’t really need moisturisers or lotions. As their skin is so thin and delicate, it can absorb unwanted and unsafe chemicals from moisturisers and lotions like parabens and fragrances. And during the first few weeks of your newborn, you will notice some flaking and peeling of the baby’s skin. This is normal. The peeling is caused by the vernix, a white waxy substance that coats the newborn’s skin and serves as a protection of the baby in the womb.

However, moisturising your baby’s skin especially during dry, windy and cold times can be beneficial to your baby. This will prevent their skin drying and will help avoid skin irritation. Just be very careful with the baby lotion or moisturiser that you use on your baby. It’s a must to read labels and choose a gentle and good quality baby lotion or moisturiser.

Also, here are some tips to help care for your baby’s skin to prevent it from drying and skin irritation:

  • Avoid frequent bathing
    Your baby doesn’t need to take a bath every day since they are not really dirty. Two to three times of bathing a week will suffice. Also, make sure to use warm water when bathing. Hot water can strip away the natural oil of your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Avoid using soap
    Soap is very harsh to your baby’s skin and can cause dryness and skin irritation. It could also remove the natural oil of you baby’s skin. Choose a gentle baby wash and shampoo.
  • Moisturise your baby’s skin after bath
    Moisturising your baby’s skin after taking a bath will help restore the lost moisture during baths.

You could also learn more about newborn skin care here.

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