5 Ways To Prevent Nappy Rash For Your Baby

If your baby is prone to Nappy Rash, try one, or ALL of the 5 ways to Prevent Nappy Rash for Your Baby!

5 Ways To Prevent Nappy Rash For Your BabyA baby’s bottom can be really sensitive to nappy rash and there are 5 ways to prevent it. It doesn’t matter if you use washable or disposable nappies or even if you are attentive to your baby; nappy rash can still happen to your baby’s sensitive skin.

Symptoms of Nappy Rash

  • Your bub’s bottom is red, sore and inflamed.
  • It is itchy and/or painful that causes discomfort to your baby.
  • Sometimes, it can spread to the genitals and thigh area.

5 Ways to Prevent Nappy Rash

1. It’s best to change your bub’s nappy after every each wee or poo. Regularly changing nappies will help limit wet and soiled nappies against the sensitive skin, which is the number one cause of nappy rash.

2. Gently wash and clean your baby’s bottom (and the affected area) after each nappy change. Use a gentle baby wash, mild or hypoallergenic soap and warm water to wash the affected area. Rinse very well and pat dry using a soft towel. Use disposable wipes that don’t have alcohol in for the times when you can’t wash your baby’s bottom.

3. Use a nappy cream that doesn’t have nasties like parabens, PEG’s, sulphates, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, glycols to prevent further irritation and skin inflammation. It is recommend to apply a thin layer of cream after every nappy change, to keep your baby’s skin dry and protected.

4. Always use the best quality nappy for your baby’s delicate skin, this can be disposable or washable nappies. When using washable nappies, remember to wash the nappies with detergent that is safe for your baby and rinse thoroughly.

5. Let your baby’s bottom breathe. Having a rest from nappies can make a big difference when it comes to nappy rash. Let your baby’s bottom air dry once in a while, maybe right after changing to allow your bub’s skin to heal and breathe. Loosening your baby’s nappy can also help with healing and preventing nappy rash.

If you don’t see any improvements after following the steps above, you can always seek advice from a specialist.

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